Our Team

Banks, Finley, White & Co. recognizes that the first step in providing quality services to its clients is to develop a leadership philosophy from the top of the organization to set the tone for character, commitment and competence. Our teams of senior leaders, with experience ranging from 38 to 26 years, form the core of our management and embrace that philosophy and apply it to the development of all of our engagement teams.

Each practice office of the Firm is headed by a Resident Partner who has ultimate responsibility for all engagement accepted by that office. Each engagement is assigned a client service team made up of experienced partner and manager within the client's industry. All engagements are administered in accordance with professional standards and are closely monitored for compliance with the Firm's Quality Control Policies and Procedures.

There are several standards used to measure the quality of our personnel including academic background, professional accomplishments and continuing education. Our staff comes from colleges and universities from across the country that are recognized as having outstanding accounting and business administration programs. They are encouraged to pass the Uniform Examination for Certified Public Accountants. Currently, over 70% of our professional staff are CPA's.  The Firm follows a professional development plan to help ensure our staff is kept abreast of current issues within the profession as well as to meet continuing education requirements of state accountancy boards, the U.S. General Accounting Office and other professional associations. Programs developed by the AICPA and other professional organizations are utilized as part of our professional development program during our regular firm-wide workshops.

Banks,Finley,White & Co. is a partnership of professional corporations with its day to day operations headed by its Managing Partner who reports to a Policy Board who set the course for its operations. The senior people in the firm are shown below.